Hiking trails

The main walking trails are marked with coloured symbols. Two main trails lead from Arild to Kullen Lighthouse.

Map of Kullaberg

The red trail on the southern slopes is relatively easy to walk along while the blue trail that follows the northern slope is more demanding. The main trails are linked at regular intervals by yellow perpendicular paths, making round trip easier.
The orange markings show the route of the Kullaleden Trail, subtrail SL 5 to the Skåneleden. Kullaleden stretches around the Kulla peninsula from Helsingborg, via Höganäs, Kullaberg, and Arild to Utvälinge. The Kullaleden Trail is approximately 70 km long, offering a wide range of experiences along the route.
A brochure detailing a self-guided hiking tour is available for sale at naturum Kullaberg. The guide can also be downloaded as an app for both Kullaberg and the Kullaleden Trail.