Kullaberg Nature Reserve - flora and fauna

Aerial photo of Kullaberg

Wherever you are in northwest Skåne, you can see Kullaberg silhouetted against the horizon. The mountain rises prominently with steep precipices towards the sea of Öresund and the bay of Skälderviken.
To the east, the mountain decends sharply towards the flat plains. Woods, fragmented heathland and wild slopes stand in strong contrast to the otherwise predominantly agricultural district. Situated at the foot of the mountain are the idyllic villages Mölle and Arild and also the old ecclesiastical village Brunnby.
To the south, near the shores of Öresund, stands Krapperup castle, surrounded by a moat and a beautiful park open to visitors all year round.

Please note!
Kullaberg's nature is varied and exciting. The steep Cliffs and slopes, especially towards the sea, are exciting places to explore but may also be extremyl dangerous. Keep a Close eye on your children!