Wildlife on land

The hilly terrain provides good opportunities for badgers and foxes to build lairs and dens. Hares and rabbits are often seen, both as solitary individuals and in groups.
Otherwise the roe deer and the red deer are the most characteristic species on the mountain. They often graze in the open land. Boars also occur sporadically.
Important elements of wildlife on open land are grazing animals such as sheep, cows or horses.
Among the birds that reside in or near shrubbery are shrike, whitethroat, lesser whitethroat and linnet. In the tree tops and shrubs you find chaffinch, different singers, great tit, blackbird, robin and the wood pigeon.
Woodpeckers, great spotted woodpecker and Cub processes the dead tree trunks in search for food.
Adder, grass snake and various types of lizards are often seen at Kullaberg and frogs thrive in the marches.
You find many different species of insects, spiders, seashells, and snails, of which some are extremely rare.
In the southern slopes you find for example the upholstery spider, the only relative to the tarantulas living in the Nordic countries.