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Nature Reserves in Kullabygden

Below you can see eleven other reserves that are around Kullaberg. They are well worth a visit.

Here you can spend a while in the middle of nature and just enjoy.

Remember to follow the reserve rules and take your rubbish home with you.

Welcome to Sandön
Sandön and Själrönnen are part of the Jonstorp-Vegeans estuary nature reserve, which
stretches from Vegeån estuary in the east to Jonstorp in the west.

The reserve includes the coastal strip in between and a large area of water in Skälderviken.
Many bird species nest on both Sandön and Själrönnen. Ducks, seagulls and waders thrive
here. All nesting birds on the islands build their nests on the ground. Eggs and young birds
are therefore easily damaged. Själrönnen is also an important resting place for seals,
especially harbor seals.

For this reason, the Sandön’s western part and the surrounding waters all year round.
Access to Själrönnen and the surrounding waters is prohibited from 1 April to 15 August.
More information about the entire Jonstorp-Vegeån estuary nature reserve, and the rules
that apply in the reserve in general can be found at the car park.